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For more than eighty years Vatican Radio has been engaged in announcing the Christian message and in linking the centre of Catholicism with the various countries and Churches of the world.

You can support us in this mission, if you wish...



Either through a bank transfer to...

IBAN : IT 06 X 02008 05008 000004851870



...or through a deposit to "Radio Vaticana"
Postal Account Number 55110001

(Poste Italiane)


Vatican Radio broadcasts daily the voice and teachings of the Pope in 39 different languages, and informs on the activity of the Holy See and the life of the Church in the world. Programmes are beamed over radio waves and via satellite. Audio transmissions, live and on demand, are available on our website. Podcast, video-news, and newsletters are also available. Every day you can hear news of current events, in-depth cultural and religious programmes, celebrations of the Eucharist and liturgical broadcasts.

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