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Radio Vatikani

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The Promotions Office activity

The Promotions Office oversees the production and distribution of all the material used to publicize Vatican Radio throughout the world.

It issues stickers, cards, pamphlets and posters in many different languages, and CD (in italian).

Personal contact with listeners is a main characteristic of the Promotion Office , every day it deals with group of visitors and answers a really impressive number of letters and postcards mailed from every corner of the globe.

Reception report in tens of languages signal transmissions quality and interferences from other radio station. People of all ages send in their comments and suggestions.

Over the years, the correspondence becomes regular and might even culminate with a visit to Palazzo Pio , where Vatican Radio staff works, just opposite S.Angel Castle. to meet the face behind the voice they have come to know so well.

For Vatican Radio , these letters are a tangible sign of a public that is otherwise invisible: a thermometer to gauge the popularity of the various programmes and a parameter for measuring the composition, geographic distribution and size of the audience.